Price: $249.99 - $395.49
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Shifting: The 21 Speed Shimano Shifting system is one of the best affordable options around, and it allows for easy pedaling across any terrain you encounter.
Sturdiness: The aluminum frame and steel fork provide strength and responsiveness at a lower price point that any rider could get behind.
Brakes: The alloy linear pull brakes are responsive without adding the additional weight and bulk that comes with disc brakes.
Saddle: The commanding red, white, and black color scheme is both striking and safety-minded, making the rider easy to spot on the roads.
Aesthetics: This product produces medium sound quality, as some competitors’ units have more realistic sounding settings.
Exclusionary Sizing: The bike will not work for smaller riders, as the smallest size, medium, fits riders from 5’7”-6 ft. The large fits riders from 5’9”-6’2”.
Quality: The bike, while a great budget option for taller riders, lacks extras like chain guards, mounts, and fenders, and some customers have reported that the paint job seems rushed.


About the Author:

David D. was an all-star athlete in high school and has been passionate about sports his entire life. Long after he hung up his cleats, he shifted focus to the outdoors, becoming a hiking guide and a fishing instructor. If it’s a product that’s used in any type of exercise, he’s probably given it a try at some point.