Hampton Forge Skandia Forte

By August 17, 2016Kitchen
Magnetic Block: The Hampton Forge Skandia Forte’s magnetic block provides a beautiful see-through display for the 12 included knives.
Counterweighted End Cap: This model’s end cap creates a counterweight to provided better overall balance, making your cuts more accurate.
Soft Grip Handle: The handles on these knives provide a comfortable silicone-like grip and helps eliminate hand fatigue.
Sophisticated Design: These knives are a rose-gold color with titanium coated stainless steel blades and chocolate brown handles that provide an elegant look.
Non-Stick Surface: Sliced food won’t stick to this product’s blades, providing a cleaner cut and less risk of harm to hands and fingers.
May Scratch Easily: Users have reported minor scratches to the handles and blades after use. They may not be the most durable knives, but they certainly get the job done.
No Warranty: There’s no warranty for this kitchen set, so buyers beware. If this doesn’t concern you then there should be no worries.


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