Hathaway Phantom Review

By June 1, 2016Toys and Games
Hathaway Phantom Air Hockey Table, Dark Blue:Silver, 7.5-Feet
Premium Size: At 7.5 feet, the Hathaway Phantom’s premium size gives it a competitive feel. With an arched pedestal-style base and individual 3-inch leg levelers, stability is at the forefront with this table.
Dual Motors: The dual 110v blower motors ensure there’s plenty of airflow to keep the puck moving at all times. This model was designed with smooth gameplay in mind.
Classic Design: This table’s deep impact blue color scheme with chrome accents give it a contemporary style that’ll provide enjoyment for players of all ages. With a scratch-resistant high gloss poly surface, this table will be around for years to come.
Game Options & Timer: The Hathaway Phantom comes with an electronic LED scoring system that features a built-in timer and multiple game settings. Play timed matches or be the first player to a certain number of goals.
Puck Return: The goal boxes have an automatic puck return system to keep the action going goal after goal.
Inaccurate Scoring: This table’s scoreboard isn’t as big or accurate as some of our other air hockey table picks. Sometimes it doesn’t register points on hard shots. But smooth gameplay and durability make up for it.


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