Hathaway Victory Professional Table Review

By August 5, 2016Toys and Games
Hathaway Victory Professional Table
Thick Table – The Hathaway Victory Professional Table is the thickest model of all our best ping pong table picks. At 1-inch, it’s a powerhouse, as thickness is everything when considering a ping pong table’s surface.
Superior Surface Material – This top rated ping pong table is made from an engineered wood composite, making it perfect for high level competition.
Thick Legs – Hathaway’s 2-inch legs are among the thickest of all our picks. Leg thickness is important for durability and also sturdiness in competition.
Includes Gear – The Hathaway Victory Professional Table comes with two paddles and three balls, which is more than most models in this price range can say.
20 Layers Of Coating – This table’s 20 layers of high-quality coating make for a uniform, consistent bounce. This is perfect for professional players or users who want a tournament-style feel.

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