Hawk H-500 Review

By July 15, 2016Automotive
Hawk H-500

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Shell Construction: The Hawk H-500’s shell is constructed from a dense thermoplastic and polystyrene material, providing great support, center of gravity and safety. This helmet was built for the long haul.
Bluetooth 2.0: This model features Bluetooth 2.0 technology, allowing for rider-to-rider intercom pairing up to 100 feet, one-touch control for call answering, MP3 compatibility and turn-by-turn GPS instructions. This is one of the most value-packed Bluetooth helmets you can buy.
Ventilation: Ventilation is extremely important for a comfortable fit. The Hawk H-500 has a flow-through ventilation system that easily pushes out hot and humid air. No more foggy visors and sweat-drenched heads.
Additional Features: In addition to having great ventilation, connectivity and design, this model has a removable and washable interior lining, an anti-scratch, anti-fog, wide-field clear visor, as well as a quick-release chin strap.
No Sun Shield: For all the features the Hawk H-500 offers at a low-barrier of entry, it doesn’t have a sun shielding visor, which can be extremely useful.
One Color: Many motorcycle helmets come in multiple colors and sizes, unfortunately this model only comes in matte black, which will still match all of your accessories.
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