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  • ULTIMATE DESIGN: Includes volume buttons, LED indicator, Charging port & Multi-function power button
  • EXTREME BENEFITS GR-8 FEATURES: Up to 8 hours of music, premium sound, 33-foot operating range, multi-Point function for connecting 2 phones & secure fit
  • ACTIVE ACTION BONUS BUNDLE: Includes sports armband, car charger with 2 USB ports & storage case
  • CUSTOMERS SAY: The sound quality is off the charts amazing! My ears have never known such bliss
Multiple Device Connectivity: The Hematiter workout headphones can connect to two devices simultaneously. This is perfect for couples that workout together.
Long Lasting Battery: These headphones can last up to 8 hours. That’s several days of workouts without having to recharge. And long distance runners can think about finally cutting the cord and going wireless with these headphones.
Best Accessory Bundle: Hematitier throws in an armband, carrying case and a car charger with 2 USB ports. This an excellent accessory package that ensures you have no excuses to start using your new wireless headphones for working out.
Limited Range: While not the worst compared to others on the list, the 33 foot range is far from the best. These headphones also suffer from the occasional loss of signal when connected device is in a back pocket.
Heavy On Ear: For some, the weight will be a bit much and can lead to discomfort when worn over long periods of time, which is too bad because the excellent battery life makes you want to wear them longer.


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