Price: $13.89
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  • Compact and portable, iron even in small spaces
  • Retractable iron rest, prevents scorching
  • Folds flat, easy storage
  • Dimensions: 32 x 12 x 6.1-Inches
  • Color: Aqua Blue/White
Retractable Iron Rest: Prevent unwanted scorching of clothes by pulling out the included iron rest. Just set the iron on top when you’re taking a break.
Easy Storage: Because it’s a tabletop ironing board, this one is easy to store away when it’s no longer in use. Fits under the bed or in the closet perfectly.
Beautiful Blue Color: The beautiful blue cover on the top of the board makes it easy to point out if the board is ever misplaced. Also, this product has a beautiful ironing surface.
Limited Features: This is a basic ironing board that doesn’t come with a built-in rack, sleeve section, or even adjustable height. It’s just a normal ironing board.
No Legs: The Honey-Can-Do ironing board is a tabletop model, meaning the user is at the mercy of whatever surface they’re working on to get the job done.


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