Hot Mom 3 in 1 Review

By August 8, 2016Baby and Toddler
Hot Mom 3 in 1
Style: With the Hot Mom 3 in 1, you’re going to be the most stylish parent on the block. Exuding European style and class, this is the most aesthetically-minded stroller – and it shows.
Weight: Tipping the scale at just over 25 pounds, this is the lightest double stroller on the market. You may even forget you’re pushing something with this model, as it’s so light that you’re not going to get a workout moving it around.
Add-On Features: With an available mosquito net, rain cover and a number of look-at-me attachments, this is the model for those who want more than a basic stroller. Whether or not you’ll use all of these available tools, you’re going to be a prepared parent.
Overly Flashy: For those parents who don’t want to draw attention, this isn’t the model for you. It’s going to be great for people who like the “look at me” products, but this isn’t a basic stroller, it’s built with practicality in mind.
Not for Running: This is a lightweight and limited-structure stroller. While it’s great for breezing around town, the Hot Mom 3 in 1 isn’t going to be the most sturdy choice for people who are on the run and in chaotic environments.

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