Ibrush Sonicwave Electric Toothbrush Review

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  • Electronic toothbrush developed by Dr. Patty Martin, a dentist with her patients in mind.
  • 5 operating modes guarantee a comfortable fit for everyone's tooth and gum sensitivity level.
  • Two minute timer with QuadSense technology ensures dentist recommended brushing in each area of your mouth every time
  • UV Sanitizer kills 99% of harmful microbes and viruses from the ultrasonic toothbrush head.
  • Water-resistant ionic charge docking station keeps the iBrush powered up for 6+ weeks on one charge making iBrush the perfect travel companion
High Speed: This toothbrush works at 48,000 strokes per minute, which is the highest on our list. The fast speed allows for more detailed cleaning.
Three Modes: This product allows you to brush your teeth in three different modes. Whether you want to deep clean your teeth, or brush them for the night, this will deliver.
Battery: This electric toothbrush is equipped with a lithium ion battery, which lasts much longer than other types of batteries.
Timer: This electric toothbrush features a timer for proper brushing intervals, so you’re not going to have to wing it or wonder whether you’re using proper technique.
No Travel Case: This toothbrush doesn’t come with a travel case, which makes moving around with your favorite toothbrush rather difficult.

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