Intel Core I5-4690K Review

By September 22, 2016Gaming
Framerate Booster: Replacing your old processor with this model will result in major framerate boosts in games like Battlefield 4, easily reaching over 100 FPS.
Stable Overclocking: The ‘K’ in the name of this processor means it supports overclocking right out of the box, reaching stable clock speeds of up to 4.8 GHz!
Low Tempuratures: Even when under a heavy load, this processor manages to stay at a reasonable heat level. No need for any fancy liquid cooling systems here.
High-Quality Streaming: Whether you’re trying to stream footage of your gameplay on Twitch or you’re trying to watch someone else’s stream, this CPU can handle it in stride.
Lackluster Heat Sink: With such a powerful processor, you would think Intel would include a heatsink capable of keeping it under control. You would be wrong.

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