IONtech IT-757 Advanced Alkaline Water Ionizer
Price: $799.00
2 new from $799.000 used
  • pH Value Range 4.5-11 ORP Value -850mv max Platinum-titanium electrolysis plates made in Japan
  • Ceramic ion membrane manufactured by Yuasa, Japan Temperature-resistant and non-toxic
  • Automatic 10 second electrolysis chamber cleansing after each Alkaline water use
  • Adjustable filter life settings for various water qualities 7 levels of water pH
  • 7 color LCD display with Soft Button Control Panel; Activated carbon fiber manufactured in USA
Free Filter: The IONtech IT-757 comes with a free filter manufactured by Yuasa, Japan, which is non-toxic and temperature resistant.
Efficient Ph Alter: Whether your water is alkaline or acid, this ionizer can alter the pH level from 4.5 to 11, which is an ideal range.
The Design: The modern and latest design of this unit gives a stylish look to your home. Who says that a water ionizer can’t look good!
Lcd Display: Some reviewers have complained about the device’s complex 7 color LCD display panel, which makes it bit difficult to use right out of the box.
Quality: This product is made of mostly plastics that have been know to break overtime.


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