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  • Designed to supply on demand drinking water filtration for restaurants, small businesses, and large families
  • Produces up to 500 GPD or 0.34 GPM under ideal conditions
  • Patented Dual-Flow RO Membrane offers consistent output flow with an exceptional 1:1 drain ratio
  • 5 stages of filtration remove up to 99% of 1,000+ pollutants including chlorine, fluoride, lead, arsenic, pesticides, pathogens, sulfur, THMs, PFOA and PFOS
  • Whole house capable - add a 200-500 gallon storage tank & delivery pump to supply RO water to your whole house
  • 1 year money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime support from iSpring in Alpharetta, GA at (678) 261-7611
99.9% Impurity Removal: Thanks to a five-stage filtering process, this filter provides crisp, clean, healthy water to the whole house from city or well water systems.
Nsf-Certified Components: This certification ensures a durable, reliable and long-lasting system is what you’ll receive upon purchase.
Technical Support: Lifetime help is available to walk through installation and maintenance issues for the life of your product.
Filters: This product has a number – five – of the best filters on the market, which will ensure you have the best quality water coming through your faucet.
Fairly Large: Its size requires adequate storage space for ease of installation and best performance, but this shouldn’t be an issue for many homes.


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