The Kaplan MCAT Test Prep course is one of the best MCAT Prep courses you can buy. It offers four different packages to accommodate whatever learning style best suits you and your wallet. You can go it alone for the least expensive option or fork over some serious cash for private tutoring. Regardless of the route you take, you can rest assured that you’re investing in a course with a proven track record and a unique Higher Score Guarantee.


1. Extremely Personalized

Kaplan utilizes a custom automated feedback tool—SmartReports—that breaks down your progress, offering insight on your strengths and weakness. The SmartReports don’t just tell you what you’re doing right or wrong, they also offer valuable recommended instruction to address any areas of opportunities. This is an especially helpful tool should you choose the Self-Paced course that does not have access to an instructor.

2. Largest Classroom Network

Kaplan has classrooms located in 43 states, almost double that of competitors such as The Princeton Review or Examkrackers. This makes the In-Person option much more viable should you require that level of instruction. If you’re willing to splurge on the Private Tutoring option, you can choose one anywhere there is a Kaplan classroom.

3. Abundant Practice

With more than 8,000 MCAT practice questions, 13 full-length practice exams, and the most available official AAMC practice resources of any prep tool, you can feel confident that you’ve got enough to go for perfect. Kaplan made sure that you won’t want for material—proven tools crafted by experts.

4. Quality Instructors

Three of the four course options from Kaplan feature live instruction either in person or via the web. No matter which option you choose, your instructor is a proven asset with the proper experience to help you crush the MCAT Exam. Kaplan offers the only MCAT course that requires every instructor to be score-qualified with extensive training on the entire exam.

5. Excellent Availability  

Having the largest MCAT preparation network in the industry, Kaplan is able to offer the most course schedules. No matter what your personal, work or school schedule is like, Kaplan will likely have a course schedule that is right for you. The programs also feature recorded make-up sessions should life happen and you can’t make a live session.

6. Guaranteed Success

The Kaplan institute offers a money back guarantee for first-time students. This is a Higher Score Guarantee, meaning you must have already taken the MCAT Exam prior to enrolling in a Kaplan MCAT prep course and scored lower on the exam after having completed the course. You also have the option of repeating the program for free should your post-Kaplan-course exam be lower than your prior score. This is a unique guarantee that really speaks to the confidence Kaplan places in its courses.

Ideal User

While Kaplan does have a viable Self-Paced package that features all the resources (minus live instruction) that the other courses offer—and is also significantly more affordable—the ideal user is someone who really needs live instruction. All the courses with live instruction feature score-qualified MCAT instructors and access to Kaplan’s highest-rated MCAT experts through their MCAT Channel.


Kaplan is a highly respected institute with a proven track record for successfully preparing students to gain the highest possible score they’re capable of achieving on the MCAT Exam. With classrooms in 43 states, you won’t have to go far to take advantage of the In Person course package. An exhaustive amount of resources—fully available until you take the test—coupled with a plethora of online tools, make the Kaplan MCAT Prep courses one of the best options out there.  


Summary of Course Features

  • MCAT CARS Program
  • Video Instructors with University Teaching Experience
  • 13 Full-Length Practice Exams
  • Personalized Study Plan
  • Over 8,000 Practice Questions
  • Higher Score Guarantee
  • Over 300 Hours of Online Resources
  • Personal MCAT Coaches
  • 540 Hours of Instruction and Practice


Self-Paced Course

Price: $1999


  • Comprehensive Instructional Videos
  • Over 100 Hours of Instruction
  • 8,000 Practice Questions
  • Mobile Flashcard App
  • Higher Score Guarantee
  • Automated SmartReports Feedback Tool
  • 13 Full-length Practice Exams
  • The MCAT Channel of Experts

Live Online Course

Price: $2299

Includes: Everything Self-Paced includes plus live instruction via the internet.

In Person Course

Price: $2299

Includes: Everything Live Online Course includes but in person.

Private Tutoring

Price: $3999

Includes:  Everything the In Person Course provides plus:

  • Custom Schedule with Personal Tutor
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Digital Notes
  • Animated Whiteboard


Kaplan MCAT Test Prep Breakdown

Kaplan MCAT Prep Review Strengths
1. Extremely Personalized
2. Largest Classroom Network
3. Abundant Practice
4. Quality Instructors
5. Excellent Availability
6. Guaranteed Success

About the Author:

Colin D. has taken almost every academic test that’s available. Struggling to decide on a career after college, he took a number of placement exams before deciding to become a writer. This experience with test-taking has led him to share his expertise with others to guide them in the right direction.