Keurig K155 K-Cup Commercial Brewing System
Price: $242.99
8 new from $242.993 used from $199.00
  • 90 Ounces water reservoir capacity. Removable drip tray.
  • Brew temperature settings. Brew size options: 4,6,8,10 ounces.
  • Full color touchscreen. Single serve brewing system
  • 1,400 Watts, 120 VAC
  • Language preference to English, Spanish or French.
Customizable Brew Options: The Keurig K155 K-Cup Commercial Brewing System allows you to select the temperature and brew strength to make the perfect cup of coffee.
Water Reservoir: A 90-ounce reservoir holds plenty of water for household users, but an optional plumbing kit allows this machine to be hooked up to a waterline, making it perfect for office use. This unit has the largest and most expansive water options of all our picks for the best single serve coffee maker.
Beverage Accessibility: This model uses the K-Cup brewing system, giving consumers a wide variety of choice. It also accepts the My K-Cup, which uses regular coffee grounds. With these two options, you’re bound to find the right blend for you.
Brew Time: This unit delivers a piping hot cup of coffee in less than a minute. Convenience, utility and customization characterize this model.
Choice: The removable tray allows you to fill your travel mug, and this machine dispenses up to 10 ounces of hot coffee at a time.


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