Keyton Microwave Oven Review

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  • 6 COOKING SETTINGS: With the push of a button this microwave has you covered. Instantly microwave popcorn, potatoes, pizza, beverages, frozen dinners & reheat leftovers. There is also one and two stage cooking options to microwave to perfection
  • 10 POWER LEVELS: For a truly customized cooking experience, choose from ten different power levels so you can cook your food to perfection every time, no matter what's on the menu
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: The digital display & clock let you keep track of the time as your food cooks, large push button door lets you add and remove your food quickly & easily. Timer is also an added convenience to enhance your user experience
  • PRODUCT MEASUREMENTS: Keyton's 0.7 cubic feet Microwave Oven features a unit volume of 0.7 Cubic Feet & Outside dimensions of 10.30 inches x 17.80 inches x 12.15 inches
  • CHILD SAFETY LOCK: Your safety is important to us at Keystone, which is why we have installed a child safety feature on this microwave to ensure your little ones don't get hurt
Added Functions: This product has 6 preset cooking features. These include popcorn, pizza, potatoes, and even leftovers.
More Safety: The child safety lock feature has been added to this device to protect your little ones. Your safety is important to Keyton.
Power Levels: This unit has 10 heating power levels, select the appropriate level to get the perfect cooking experience every time.
Size: This is a small microwave. This device features a unit volume of 0.7 cubic feet – the smaller size means less room for your plates.
Keypad: Consumers have stated this product’s keypad can show signs of wear and tear after heavy use. This may come in the form of bubbles forming under the keypad.


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