Price: $349.00
2 new from $349.002 used from $279.65
  • Versatile indoor bicycle trainer with leak-proof magnetic drive system and automatic resistance changes
  • 6.25-pound flywheel offers a realistic, 15-second coastdown from 20 mph
  • Measurable, repeatable workload with an authentic road feel
  • Extra stable platform--even for stand-up riding
  • Fits 22 to 29-inch wheels; unconditional lifetime warranty; lifetime crash replacement policy
Innovative: This product utilizes automatic resistance changing technology. This will adjust your resistance levels to give you the most realistic ride possible.
Warranty: This unit includes a lifetime warranty. That means you can ride as much as you want without worrying about your trainer ever breaking.
Stability: This product has an ultra-stable platform. This is because of the added width that allows you to pedal harder – you can even stand and pedal.
Realistic: This is the closest experience to riding outside you can find. The impressive 15 second coast time makes this one of the most realistic trainers on the market.
Sizes: This unit can accommodate bike wheel sizes 22 -29″. This gives you a lot of options when considering multiple bike scenarios.
Mounting: The mounting system can be difficult at first. You should read the directions prior to mounting any bicycles to this trainer.


About the Author:

David D. was an all-star athlete in high school and has been passionate about sports his entire life. Long after he hung up his cleats, he shifted focus to the outdoors, becoming a hiking guide and a fishing instructor. If it’s a product that’s used in any type of exercise, he’s probably given it a try at some point.