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  • Unique Patent, Super Silence: "KINYO" double core electrical breast pump adopts unique patent framework to realize so low noise as to be 6 to 13 dB lower than other types. It is currently the most silent electrical breast pump and meets special need of moms' breastfeeding at night.
  • Strong Vacuum with 9-level Adjustment: Double-core electrical breast pump provides strong vacuum force of 9 levels to meet customized set-up of users as per their habits. The clever seal cap design makes it impossible for the milk to flow back into the breast pump, wich reduces the defect chance
  • Large LCD Display, Real-time Observation: Double-core electrical breast pump is equipped with large LCD screen that can show the suction status intuitively for convenient observation.
  • Double Frequency Exchange, Promoting Lactation by Massage: Kinyo breast pump has a 2-phase expression technology, supports fast-sucking massage function. Moms touch only one key to change frequency to massage mode for stimulating lactation.
  • One-piece Upright Milking Funnel for Easy Cleaning,PP Milk Bottle, BPA Free: Milk bottle and other components of the breast pump that may contact milks are made of PP materials which are free of BPA
Quieter: The innovative KINYO double core electrical breast pump operates at reduced noise levels. This is the quietest pump on the market.
Adjustable Pump: This device has a strong vacuum that has 9 levels of power. This gives you the ultimate experience in customization and comfort.
Lcd: A large LCD display gives you access to real-time statistics, such as suction status and battery life.
Added Technology: The 2-phase expression technology gently massages your breast to stimulate lactation. This setting is fully customizable.
Battery Life: This unit can operate on batteries or the use of an AC adapter. Consumers have stated the battery life leaves much to be desired.