Kohler 20Resal-200Sels Review

By September 29, 2016Home
Price: $4,724.00
2 new from $4,724.000 used
  • 20,000-watt air-cooled generator automatically starts up when the power goes out
  • Includes 200 Amp whole-house, service entrance rated, load shedding, automatic transfer switch
  • Fast response--power to your home in 10 seconds; premium power quality; quiet operation
  • 100% corrosion-proof enclosure offers protection from even the harshest seaside conditions
  • Measures 48 by 26.2 by 29 inches; 5-year/2000-hour limited warranty Battery type needed - Group 51
Power: A 999c motor produces 20,000w of power. This unit can power your entire home, regardless of the size or energy usage.
Quality: This is a top of the line state of the art power solution. This unit is built to the highest standards.
Durability: You can run this product continuously, as it is incredibly durable and well built with an eye toward longevity.
Runtime: You have virtually no runtime restrictions thanks to the natural gas or propane hook ups that come with the product.
Instant-On: In the event of a power outage, your generator will instantly begin sending your home power.
Mobility: This product is not designed to be transported. This unit should be permanently installed to your home.

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