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  • SIMPLY THE PUREST WAY to extract & brew any loose tea or coffee's essential oils for a rich gourmet taste served hot or iced cold
  • PROTECTIVE DESIGN insulated outer shell not only easy to admire on the kitchen counter but also protects the glass pot from chips & cracks
  • PORTABLE coffee & tea maker perfect for the office, travel, camping & gifts for Mom Dad
  • COMFORTABLE HANDLE durable & sturdy design for effortless pouring to your mug
  • EASY TO CLEAN dishwasher safe & detachable stainless infuser filter system
Portability: This model is great for taking on the go, it’s good for camping, a mobile lifestyle, or just moving from room to room!
Durability: This model is extremely durable, as the glass will not crack under boling temps and it travels well.
Stainless Steel: All internal components are stainless steel, which adds to its overall strength and helps make it more aesthetically pleasing.
Size: This French Press is the perfect size for most coffee lovers, as it makes enough cups to handle even the thirstiest person!
Separation: Unfortunately, this carafe cannot be separated from its plastic frame, which can make cleaning a hassle.


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