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  • UNIQUE, STEADY, NON- LOOPING SOUND: LectroFan sound is not a recording. It is generated dynamically through a proprietary algorithm to create unique non-repeating sounds.
  • UNMATCHED PRODUCT FEATURES: Equipped with 10 white noises, 10 fan sounds, and a multi-hour sleep timer. LectroFan comes loaded with options for every sound masking situation.
  • MASK DISRUPTIVE NOISES: Fall asleep with easy. Drown out pesky neighbors, household, traffic or construction noise, lull babies to sleep, create a disturbance free study area, and keep conversations private. Lectrofan has a setting for all your noise masking needs.
  • SAFE, SIMPLE, DESIGN: The LectroFan does not contain moving parts. This makes it a safe, energy efficient, and longer lasting alternative to fans or white noise machines with motors.
  • PRECISE VOLUME CONTROL: LectroFan has over 50 volume levels in 1DB increments, so you can find the perfect level for your unique environment.
Portability: This is an extremely portable device. It weighs around one pound and it comes with a carrying case to help with transportation.
Usb Power: This device can be powered using a USB cable. This gives you maximum flexibility when deciding where and how to use this product.
More Options: This unit has 10 white noise settings to choose from. You also have seven sleep settings that can be used independently or with the white noise settings.
Louder: This product can get loud when turned up. This makes this device optimal for use in louder environments such as cities.
Pitch: Many consumers have reported that this device’s unique sound is not preferred. However, this is a matter of personal preference.


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