Price: $533.00
2 new from $533.000 used
  • Play the latest games and enjoy smooth and blazing graphics. AMD Radeon R9 graphics use just 10 watts of power when idle and includes more than a 10-percent frame boost-rate on supported games.
  • With its cutting-edge exterior, the ERAZER X315 desktop evokes a futuristic warrior's armor. It features blue front-lighting and a one-touch cover door for easy access to ports and the optical drive.
  • Immerse yourself in 7.1 channel surround sound with Dolby Advanced Audio technology, which eliminates sound distortion and enhances your gaming experience.
Impeccable Design: This is the first gaming PC on this list that actually resembles a gaming machine. With many moving hinges and LEDs, you may mistake this for an Alienware!
Versatile Storage Options: When it comes to storing data, this computer offers the best of both worlds: flash storage for quick access, and a sizable hard drive for stability over the long term.
Dedicated Graphics Card: With a separate piece of hardware dedicated solely to rendering 3D graphics, you can rest assured that even newer, more taxing games will run beautifully.
Low-Profile Air Management: Another component of this machine’s superior design, the front air vents are very subtle while still providing superior airflow.
No Keyboard/Mouse: While you do get an amazing package with this computer, you will need to purchase a keyboard and mouse separately, if you plan on actually using your new PC!