Leupold 115394 Mark AR MOD 1 Rifle
Price: $460.72
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  • Mark Ar Mod 1 6-18X40mm Mildot Riflescope - Matte
Line Of Sight : In the in the Leupold 115394 Mark AR, not only is the line of sight completely clear, but also it reaches up to 500 yards with ease.
Ease Of Use : This scope is quite simple in design, and very easy to use and attach on the rifle. No need to waste time fiddling with the dials in order to get a clear shot.
Balance : The design of this scope gives it the perfect balance. You won’t feel the weight of the scope on the rifle, nor will it make you miss.
No Lens Cover : Some reviewers have complained that the absence of a lens cover in this scope puts the lens at the risk of getting slightly damaged through the years.
Very Basic : Some reviewers have complained that the scope doesn’t have a lot of features that some professionals might be looking for.