Lightahead Led Light Galaxy Star Projector Review

By September 19, 2016Baby and Toddler


Numerous Patterns: The Lightahead LED Light Galaxy Star Projector comes with a number of various lightning patterns that can be adjusted easily to make the projections look different.
Accurate Galaxy Effect : The LED in this star projector changes from red to blue to green, which helps in giving a realistic galaxy effect through the projection.
Multi Purpose: Not only is this projector suitable for lighting up the bedroom, it can also be used for small gatherings and family events.
Flimsy : While this projector is known to have a very impressive galaxy effect, there are some reviewers who have complained about the lamp not being sturdy.
No Rotation: While this projector is easy to use, there are some reviewers who have complained about it not having a rotating picture, which leads to the projected picture staying in one place.

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