LS2 Helmets Strobe Motorcycle Helmet Review

By October 3, 2016Automotive
Price: $149.98
8 new from $149.981 used from $88.86
  • Lightweight, aerodynamic, HTPP composite helmet shell cuts through the wind keeping the rider comfortable and resulting in less fatigue
  • Fully adjustable flow-through ventilation to keep you cool in the heat but allow you to block the breeze when it's cold
  • Built-in Twin Shield System Drop Down Sun Shield to help protect from the sun's rays
  • Liner is fully removable and washable, so you can keep it as fresh as new
  • DOT approved quick release strap for a secure fit and easy on and off
Design: This sleek, eye-catching model is one of the coolest looking helmets on the market.
Shield Strength: With its built-in twin shield system, even the sunniest days in the warmest climates aren’t going to bother your eyes.
Quick Release: With a quick-release strap that’s approved by the Department of Transportation, you know that you can pop this model off quickly and safely.
Removable Parts: Don’t worry about cleaning with the LS2 Strobe, as the liner is fully removable and washable.
Fogging: Some customers have complained that this helmet can fog up easily, so be wary of this when taking long rides on hot days.


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