Lucky Clover Pico Projector Review

By August 12, 2016Electronics
Lucky Clover Pico Projector


Brightness – 1200 Lumens is enough to light up the night while viewing at home in the backyard. The Lucky Clover Pico Projector doesn’t disappoint in this realm.
Image Size – Make the projection image an astonishing 220 inches with this model. No more squinting at the TV screen during close video game bouts with friends.
Projection Distance – Project images and visuals from up to five meters away – a much longer distance than most other best outdoor projectors we’ve reviewed.
Post-Sale Service – After your purchase, rest assured that any questions you have can be answered by Lucky Clover’s team of experts.
Warranty – The manufacturer believes in their product so much that they offer a guaranteed one-year hassle-free warranty.
Native Resolution – 800×480 resolution isn’t bad, but it’s also not as powerful as some other competitors on the market.

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