Masterbuilt 20075315 Review

By June 17, 2016Kitchen

Ample Cooking Space: Cook a variety of meats at one time with the Masterbuilt 20075315’s 975 square units of available cooking space. Group certain types of meat together on its four racks, or arrange them accordingly to mix flavors and let the juices drip.
Excellent Control: Featuring both a remote control and digital panel, this Masterbuilt model puts the convenience of choice back in the user’s hand. The remote control can monitor the overall interior temperature, cooking time and meat temperature. It also turns the light on and off, as well as the entire unit.
Safe & Mobile: A side-loading wood chip system allows the door to remain closed while cooking and keeps you away from the heat. Moreover, this feature eliminates the possibility of chips falling inside the smoker. Wheels and handles also make transportation a breeze with this 73-pound machine.
Extra Features: This model boasts tons of impressive and convenient features. There’s a built-in meat probe, internal light, a multi-purpose remote control and a digital display. All of these features make the Masterbuilt 20075315 a high-end smoker.
Easy Cleanup: A front-access drip pan and drip-catching system make cleanup quick and easy with this smoker. All of its internal items are removable and dishwasher-friendly.


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