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  • Amazon Prime, Cyber Monday Deal, The worlds #1 Best Value Hi-Fidelity Premium Headphones on the market. Distortion free audio even at the highest volume level.
  • Deep, powerful and balanced sound for music, movies and games from your smartphones or tablets. Noise isolating for travel, work, on the go or wherever life takes you.
  • CNET: "these noise-isolating over-the-ear 'phones look and sound like they cost a lot more." "...the Super 66s look and feel substantial, with a brushed-metal band that folds for easier storage and heavily cushioned earcups -- the latter definitely among the more comfortable I've ever worn... the headphones sound superb." - RIch Broida, CNET
  • Listen to audio from your music library, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Prime Music, Apple music, iHeart Radio, or any music service you use from your smartphone or tablet.
  • NATIONAL COLUMNIST, Don Lindich (Read by Millions worldwide) said, Compared to $300 Beats headphones, the Super 66 sounds better. This may surprise the general public, but not audiophiles. --Said, Don Lindich, Sound Advice & Tribune News Service. Featured in San Jose Mercury News and Tech Columns across the country. HI-FIDELITY, Headphones That Will Knock Your Socks Off with INCREDIBLE AUDIO
Easy to Use: The ear controls on this model of headphones is about as simple as it gets—you’re going to figure it out in a matter of minutes.
Value: In terms of value, the Modern Portable HIFI ELITE Super66 headphones are a great bargain. You can do better, but not for this price point.
Comfort: While other headphones may use better materials, the padding on these is top of the line and will let you listen for hours.
Look: If you’re going to be walking around town with these on, this isn’t your best choice for a pair of sleek and aesthetically pleasing headphones.
Battery: There have been many complaints that the battery life on this model isn’t great, as it tends to cut to medium charge shortly after they are used.