Nest Cam Review

By September 28, 2016Electronics
Nest App: If you own other Nest products, the Nest app seamlessly integrates all Nest devices. Even without being invested in the Nest ecosystem, the available app offers a very clean and user friendly design both as a mobile application for either iOS or Android, as well as the web. This model also comes with a lengthy two-year warranty that many other cameras don’t offer.
Video Quality: The Nest Cam provides bank-level encryption along with 8X zoom for its 1080p video, which is truly stunning.
Connectivity: The Works with Nest communication technology created by the company has allowed manufacturers of other devices to offer connectivity with Nest Cam, increasing potential protection for home security.
Smart Device Compatibility: This model has its own IFTTT (If This Then That, a mobile app that connects smart devices) channel that increases further connectivity to a range of smart devices such as Philips Hue, Amazon Echo and much more.
Cost Of Data Storage: Unfortunately, storage options of $10/month or $30/month are pricey compared to the competition and will increase your cost, offsetting the low initial price.
Limited Notifications: This camera has limited notification functionality, lacking email notification and limiting notifications to every 30 minutes.
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