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  • Mixer features a splatter-free slow start and soft-touch intuitive digital controls allow you to smoothly adjust mixing between six speeds.
  • DC motor holds consistent speed, even as your batter thickens (like cruise control!)
  • Headlight illuminates bowl as you mix, allowing you to monitor batter consistency and remains on for safety as long as the Mixer is plugged in.
  • Beaters store on the Mixer body, and the cord wraps around the base for compact, upright storage.
  • Set of dough hooks included for extra-thick batter.
Headlight: The OXO hand mixer comes with a headlight, ideal for when you are mixing dark brownie cake batters or gravy.
Wrap Around Cord: With is efficient and pliable wraparound cord, it’s tidy enough to store the mixer on the counter top.
Whisk Storage: With the ability to fix and store the whisks to the front of the mixer, you will never lose your whisks again.
Power: Its low power has affected its ability to whisk batters and eggs in super quick time.
Reliability: Even with occasional use, the OXO hand mixer has failed to last more than 2 months, the power gradually fades.


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