Price: $24.50
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  • Digital Filter Technology for Accurate Measurement
  • One Touch Operation-Easy to Use
  • Readings above 139 on Systolic or 89 Diastolic will automatically flash on the LCD screen
  • An automatic memory feature allows you to capture 90 readings and save them to track the readings over time
  • Large LCD Display, great gift for parents
Added Memory: This unit stores up to 90 readings. Use past records to track your progress and rest easy knowing your readings are automatically stored.
Easy Use: This product utilizes one touch operation, which makes it very easy to use. Simply place the armband on and you are ready to begin.
Better Display: A large LCD display gives you instant access to your information. It takes only seconds to see what your results are.
Inconsistent Readings: Consumers have stated this device can lack consistency. This can mean you have to do multiple tests to get an accurate reading.
Replacement Parts: The stock charger is no longer available for this unit. It may become difficult to replace if the original charger fails.



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