Parker & Company – The Pro Board Review

By September 16, 2016Home


Shoulder Wings: Regular ironing board owners know that trying to iron the back of a shirt is a two-step ordeal. Not anymore. The Parker & Company Pro Board has folding shoulder wings to make this a one-step process.
Hanger Rack: The Parker & Company Pro Board comes with a hanger rack to place shirts and other items after you’re done removing creases from them.
Remote Holder: There’s a remote holder coming with this board. We’re not kidding. Just place remotes, brushes, or any other items in the holder to pick up later.
Cord Minder: Hang the cord in the cord minder so you won’t have to worry about it while removing creases from your clothes. Set it and forget it.
Poor Packaging: A couple customers complained about poor packaging, however there were never any reports of the product being damaged in the process.


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