Price: $399.94
14 new from $399.940 used
  • Sounds like a real tube amp without the cost
  • 12" Blue Marvel(r) speaker
  • 80 Watts (rms) into 8 Ohms
  • 100 Watts (rms) into 4 Ohms (w/external speaker)
  • Reverb with level control
  • Legendary Peavey reliability
Sound: The Peavey Bandit 112 TransTube Amplifier sounds like a real tube amp without the cost and maintenance.
Volume: Its 80 watts are definitely loud enough for small gigs while maintaining a great sound for everyone to hear.
Quality: The high quality of a Peavey simply won’t let you down. It’s praised for it’s simplicity and reliability and will last you a long time.
Features: Two channels and reverb with level control give you the options you need to really get the sound that will influence your listeners.
Value: Considering the price, this amp has one of the best values on the market. You’re going to be happy with this savvy purchase


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