Philips Pasta Maker Review

By September 17, 2016Kitchen
Price: $279.95
You save: $70.04 (20 %)
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  • Philips is the #1 Pasta Maker brand in Italy
  • Automatically knead and extrude 1 pound of fresh pasta in just 15 minutes! Add all ingredients through the lid and the pasta maker does the rest
  • Comes with 4 shaping disks for various types of pasta: spaghetti, penne, fettuccini and lasagna
  • Add vegetable juices for flavored and colorful pasta. Free recipe book full of inspiring ideas
  • Included: Cleaning tool, Measuring cup, Recipe booklet.Do not pour water into the mixing chamber before turning on the pasta maker
Power: This product produces noodles with ease thanks to its 200w motor. This gives you a steady stream of fresh noodles for any occasion.
Convenience: This is more than a pasta maker. This unit will also mix your dough for you, which gives you the easiest pasta making experience possible.
Features: This unit is packed with innovative features such as an automatic shut-off, LED, and safety lock. Theses features make pasta making easier.
Warranty: Philips has been an industry leader in kitchen appliances for over a decade. They back this product with a 1-year factory warranty.
Plastic: This unit is built from plastic. Many competitors pasta makers are constructed from stainless steel. This could make this unit less durable compared to steel units.

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