Pirelli Scorpion Atr 275/55R20 111S Review

By August 29, 2016Automotive
All-Terrain Tire: The Pirelli Scorpion ATR All-Terrain Tire, as the name implies, have been manufactured to be driven in all sorts of extreme and rough terrains without getting worn out.
Precise Handling: The design of these tires allows for precise handling while you drive over both wet and dry surfaces. Even cutting corners is easy!
Versatile: The Pirelli’s Scorpion ATR tires are some of the most versatile tires that are not only the best tires for SUVs but are perfect for crossovers and pickups too. These tires feature a reinforced structure and a very unique tread design. This structure and design is the reason to why you can drive your vehicle over the roughest of terrains without experiencing any sort of problem.
High Resistance To Aquaplaning: These tires offer high resistance to aquaplaning which means you won’t have to worry about your car not responding to control inputs.
Weather Cracking: While these tires have been built to last there are some reviewers who have complained about these tires experiencing weather cracking quite early.

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