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  • Featuring a heavy ceramic body the kamado is the ideal environment for efficiently burning charcoal
  • The cast iron top tamper gives you full control over air flow allowing you to set the perfect cooking temperature
  • The solid bamboo side shelves are sturdy and fold down for easy storage
  • Dual tier cooking grates provide even more space to make the most of the encapsulated heat
Large Cooking Space: Smoke, braise or roast a party-size portion of barbecue within the 570 square inches of cooking space on the Pit Boss K22. Two removable stainless steel cooking grids give you plenty of arrangement options and provide easy access to the charcoal.
Air Damper: A cast-iron air damper controls how much air reaches the charcoal through this model’s upper and lower cooking vents. As more air circulates throughout the grill, its temperature steadily rises to as high as 700-degrees Fahrenheit.
Durability: Pit Boss backs this model with a lifetime warranty on all ceramic parts and a five-year warranty on metal and cast-iron parts. Its wooden handle is also heat-resistant and features a shock-absorbing plunger, which prevents the grill’s lid from slamming.
Helpful Accessories: This kamado grill includes a sturdy stand with four wheels, retractable bamboo shelves on each side, a built-in thermometer and an ash removal tool to make your barbecue experience even more enjoyable.
No Ash Tray: This is nitpicking because the Pit Boss K22 comes with an ash removal tool, but many other high-level kamado grills on the market feature an ash removal tray. Without the tray, cleanup takes longer and is a bit messier.


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