Presto 07037 Jumbo Cool Touch Electric Griddle Review

By September 14, 2016Kitchen
Price: $69.45
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  • Jumbo 10-1/2-by-20-1/2-inch cooking surface
  • Heavy cast aluminum heats evenly without warping
  • Nonstick surface for stick-free cooking, easy cleaning
  • Control Master heat control automatically maintains proper cooking temperature
  • Cool touch base; slide-out drip tray; 2-year warranty
Power: This griddle produces 1,500 watts of power, which allows it to heat up to 400 degress, making it ideal for any kinds of food.
Warranty: This product comes backed with a two year warranty, which is plenty of time to test it fully and use it without worrying about any defects.
Cool Touch Handling: The Presto 07037 Jumbo features a cool touch base, which allows you to move it around when it’s hot without burning your hands.
No Lid: This griddle doesn’t have a lid, which narrows down its usage and prevents you from cooking certain foods.
No Anti Splatter Guard: This griddle doesn’t have an anti-splatter guard, which could get messy with all the oil splattering around.

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