Price: $133.11
18 new from $133.111 used from $159.90
  • 7 Drum Pads with Touch Sensitivity - 2 Pedals Pad Layout - 25 Preset Drum Kits
  • 5 User Kits - 215 Percussion Voices - 100 songs
  • 1 Demo Song - USB Port (MIDI In/Out)
  • Sold as: Unit
Play On The Go: This electronic table drum kit is compact and light so you can play drums virtually anywhere.
Usb Output: Its USB output lets you connect external devices for a more personal drumming session.
Lots Of Options: The top panel control center includes lots of audio configuration controls to create some truly unique music.
Batteries Not Included: This table can run on 6 C batteries, but they are not included in the box. This means that you’ll have to buy them to play on the go.
Small: This is a small unit, which makes it difficult to hit the pads correctly if you’re used to a full-size kit.


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