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Multiple Presets: There’s very few settings the Relaxonchair RC-MKII doesn’t offer to enhance your experience. This model features four preset programs, three levels of zero gravity, three speed controls, three intensity levels and three types of massages.
High-End Features: All of its programmable settings are great, but what sets this massage chair apart from a lot of the competition is its computerized body scanning and L-shaped roller track. These features provide a customized, full-body massage.
Full-Body Stretching: Designed to replicate the feel of human massaging, this model’s stretching function decompresses the spine and pins your body in place with air cells as it releases muscle tension with calculated movements.
Extra Details: The RC-MKII takes comfort to another level with its extra details. Multiple heat pads on the lower back and air compression for your calves and feet give you multiple points of relaxation.
Foot Roller: Although it has a foot massage feature, a few users have remarked that the foot roller is a bit hard on their feet.

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