Samsung JU7500 Review

By May 31, 2016Gaming

#2 Samsung JU7500

#2 Samsung JU7500



Screen Size


Refresh Rate




The Good

  • Processor
  • Design
  • Wireless
  • Bass
  • Versatility

The Bad

  • Range

Processor: Ordinarily, Smart TVs come with limited smart functionality, often equivalent to low-end TV sticks, such as Roku. The quad-core processor on this TV is so powerful it can even run Android games! This Smart TV has brains and brawn.
Design:¬†With an innovative curved display and 3D capabilities, the Samsung JU7500 delivers stunning, immersive visuals and will remain cutting-edge for years to come. Don’t expect to have to replace this unit for several years.
Wireless: Being such a technologically advanced TV, this unit has Bluetooth functionality, allowing it to synchronize wirelessly to sound bars and other audio outputs. This cuts down on tangled wires and makes cable management easy.
Bass: The Samsung JU7500 features a powerful audio output and an impressive low-end, resulting in a nice rumbly bass. Helicopters, explosions and orchestral scores sound epic and lifelike, further contributing to the level of immersion when gaming.
Versatility: With well-integrated Smart TV functionality, this unit offers several entertainment options right out of the box. Enjoy services such as Netflix, Hulu and Youtube without the aid of a separate device.
Range: The unfortunate downside of this TV’s curved design is that the picture quality degrades noticeably when observed outside of its axis point. Sitting in the sweet spot ensures a stunning experience, but colors will degrade if viewed too far to the sides.


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