Samsung Smart Cam Review

By September 28, 2016Electronics
Local Storage: The Samsung Smart Cam utilizes SD card storage instead of cloud storage, which offers peace of mind for those not quite ready to commit to cloud storage and its privacy concerns. SD cards are relatively cheap and offer the ability to keep your IP camera footage indefinitely.
Connectivity: Samsung offers plenty of smart home devices and services with its SmartThings divisions. This model is easily compatible with smart devices and features Google connectivity that allows this IP camera system to push notifications to your email.
Motion Zones: The Smart Cam has an absolutely fantastic way of creating motion zones by using your finger to draw a box on the live feed; this is especially useful for pet owners.
Video Quality: The Smart Cam has excellent video quality from its 1080p resolution. Daytime footage offers vibrant colors and amazing detail, while night vision is equally as impressive.
Indoor Only: While this is one of the best IP security cameras on the market, Samsung’s outdoor IP camera version is limited to refurbished offerings.
App: Compared to the competition, this model’s app interface is clunky and unintuitive, making it an especially challenging IP camera system for those that are not technologically inclined.
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