Sharp R1875T 850W Over-the-Range Convection Microwave, 1.1 Cubic Feet, Black
Price: $497.02
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  • Black; 1.1 cu. ft. capacity; 850W cooking power
  • 13 inch ceramic turntable with on/off option
  • 7-digit- interactive- 2 color display
  • 25 automatic settings
  • CompuBroil- CompuRoast- CompuBake automatically compute broiling- roasting- and baking times/temperature settings
Convection: This product uses the process of convection to heat your food up faster. This process also cooks your food more evenly.
Added Features: There are 25 automatic settings from which to choose. You can always get the perfect results from this unit simply with the press of a button.
Innovative Features: This smart microwave changes how we cook. CompuBroil, CompuRoast, and CompuBake are settings that put this unit ahead of the pack.
Better Display: This device has a multicolor digital display that gives you real-time control at your fingertips. This interactive display walks you through the cooking process.
Turntable On/Off: This unit comes with a revolving turntable. This turntable can be turned off for specific cooking styles with the push of a button.