Smartpool Nc22 Smartkleen Review

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  • (Ship from USA) SmartKleen (NC22) Robotic Pool Cleaner by SmartPool /ITEM NO#E8FH4F854136497
Intelligent Navigation : The Smartpool NC22 SmartKleen doesn’t require walls in order to change direction. It knows where it is at all times.
All-Surface Cleaning : The Smartpool NC22 SmartKleen doesn’t care what pool it is. If it’s vinyl, fiberglass, or concrete, this vacuum can clean it.
Robotic : It comes with no hoses, and no need to be hooked to the pools existing filter. It’s an amazing pool cleaner with multiple unique capabilities.
Quick Drain System: Remove this bad boy from the pool easily with the quick drain system. Don’t strain your back anymore.
Cord : The cord sometimes has a problem getting tangled in the water, so make sure it doesn’t become ensnared while performing cleaning duties.

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