Spectrum Ail 602 7-Pad Digital Drum Set Review

By September 20, 2016Music


Compact: The Spectrum 7-Pad Digital Drum Set is an extremely compact unit. This means that it won’t occupy too much space and is easy to store.
Realistic Sounds: Its sensitive pads help to recreate an accurate drumming experience. This means that the sounds are pleasantly realistic.
Sturdy: This digital drum set is an incredibly robust piece of technology. Its adjustable, heavy-duty stand is durable and will stand the test of time.
Difficult Pedals: The bass and hi-hat pedals are often oversensitive and provide a toyish experience. This may compromise the quality of your overall drumming experience.
No Usb Port: This electronic instrument doesn’t offer a USB port, which limits your creative possibilities and means that you are restricted to its library of kits and preset sounds.

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