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  • PFOA-Free Cookware
  • Stoneline^100% safe natural stone cooking: releases maximum flavor & aroma of foods for gourmet results.^Non-scratch: 10 times more durable than other nonstick pans. 12-year Warranty. 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee.^NOTHING sticks: wipes clean with a paper towel. Save fat and calories: No need to grease the pan.^Cooks Perfectly
  • Cleans Instantly
Quality: The non-scratch surface is 10 times more durable than other nonstick pans, ensuring this will last for quite some time.
Non-Stick: Nothing sticks to this surface, so there is no need to grease the pan or perform extensive maintenance on this model.
Material: Stoneline cookware has the strength of cast iron skillets, the chef-quality weight of aluminum, and a stone micro-coating.
Certification: It’s certified for both commercial and residential use, so you could be using the same products as professionals.
Smell: Customers have complained that some of the pots put out a foul smelling odor when heated up.


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