Price: $314.99
2 new from $314.993 used from $280.33
  • Features 1200 Watts of Power, 95 to 155 Degrees of Horizontal Air Flow, 16 Square Feet of Drying Space with 10 Stainless Steel Trays
  • Dehydrator Dimensions: 20.0 -Inch Long X 17.5-Inch Wide X 15.0-Inch High, with 16.0 -Inch X 14.0-Inch 100% Stainless Steel Trays - NOT Chrome Plated
  • This Unit Also Features 1200 Watts of Heating Power with a 7 Inch Rear Mounted HORIZONTAL AIR FLOW Dehydrating Fan System
  • Over 30,000 STX Dehydrators Have Been Sold Nationwide in the Last Seven Years While Maintaining an Incredible 99.8% Customer Approval Rate
  • All STX Products Include a 1 year - 100% - Fix or Replace Guarantee, Parts and Labor Included, comes with 15-Hour Timer and Drip Tray
Power: With 1200 watts, this product is the most powerful on our list. You’re going to be able to get more out of this model than most on the market.
Capacity: This dehydrator has a large capacity of 16 square feet, which makes it close to industrial size. That type of space allows for massive dehydrating efforts.
Shelves: The 10 shelves inside this dehydrator give you the freedom of drying various types of food at the same time without cross contamination.
Drip-Tray: The drip-tray on the bottom of this dehydrator catches everything you don’t want getting on the inside of your dehydrator.
Hot Exterior: The stainless steel construction combined with the high power of this dehydrator makes the exterior rather hot to the touch.


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