Summit CR2110 12" Electric Cooktop with 2 Burners
Price: $269.00
You save: $80.95 (23 %)
18 new from $269.000 used
  • Smooth black surface made from Eurokera glass
  • Two heating elements
  • Push-to-turn controls
  • Residual heat indicator light
  • Designed for built-in installation
Design: Elegant, lightweight and compact cooktop with two heating elements, this product designed for built-in installation. It’s also perfect for small apartments.
Material: It has a smooth white surface made from Eurokera glass, which cover its push-to-turn controls.
Quality: Users report it to still look new after five months of use, which makes it durable and an aesthetic masterpiece.
Cooking: Heats fast and is very easy to clean, so you’re going to get down to the point of the product in no time.
User Friendly: Many users feel that the two burners are too small, so that you have to have both burners on for a big skillet pan. They are also set too close together to use both at the same time with separate pans.


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