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  • LATEST 2016 TecTecTec Premium Golf Rangefinder VPRO DLX
  • LONG MEASUREMENT RANGE: High Quality Laser Golf Rangefinder with Long Measurement Range (5-600 Yards).
  • FLAGSEEKER Advanced PinSensor Technology for measuring overlapping subjects
  • WATERPROOF Construction, High-quality 6x Monocular with Multilayer Coating for Bright, Clear Images
  • FULL PACKAGE: (Eye-safe rangefinder Class 1 laser with <0.5mW average power output) Includes: Quality Bag, Strap and Microfiber Cloth and Battery
Distance: You will always be able to see what you are shooting into thanks to the impressive 600 yard range.
Durability: This product is built to a high level of quality.  Each component was tested for durability prior to use.
Clarity: You can see with amazing precision.  The 6x magnification provides an unmatched level of clarity.
Pin Detection: This unit can automatically detect a golf pin and lock on to its range.  This means you are guaranteed to get the most accurate range available.
Warranty: This products warranty does not last for as long a period as some of its close competitors.


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