screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-4-38-39-pmThe Gold Standard MCAT Prep review course is without a doubt one of the top MCAT Prep courses available, especially considering the price. The strength of this prep tool relies heavily on the ease of use and breadth of technological inclusions. The multitude of tools available in the complete package are peerless. The range of options from Gold Standard makes it ideal for those on a budget or for people with specific competency needs. Self-motivation is a must though, as this course does not feature live instruction.


1. Competitive Price and Pay as You Go Option

Priced at $1,600, the Gold Standard MCAT Prep course is several hundred dollars cheaper than the competition. You also have the option to pay as you go. Monthly packages are available for as little as $20 per test per month for access to seven full-length MCAT practice tests. The MCAT Crash Course is available for just $49.95/month. The MCAT Question Bank package is new this year for $399 for three months.

2. Variety of Packages

The option to choose from a multitude of packages to focus on only what you need makes this perfect for those that don’t need an entire package. The newest offering, the MCAT Question Bank, features over 4,000 questions, seven full-length MCAT practice tests for $399 for three months. And, all of the packages above the practice test version include the MCAT CARS Booster program.

3. Best Collection of MCAT Questions

This prep tool package has the official AAMC sample test and practice exam questions written by the actual developers of the MCAT online exam. All of the questions have helpful explanations and come from the AAMC-released question banks and exams. No matter what areas of opportunity you have, there’s plenty of questions to help you out.

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-4-54-57-pm4. Online Forum

The Gold Standard MCAT Prep forum allows you to talk to other students who’ve purchased the course. Since this course does not have live instructors, this is extremely helpful whenever you encounter a troublesome question or need further clarification. The practice exam for each section has dedicated channels to make it easier to find the answers you need.  

5. Innovative Technology  

Gold Standard has historically provided the most up-to-date methodologies for preparing for the MCAT Exam. From the early years of audio cassettes and CDs, they’ve continued to advance and bring new technologies to a highly competitive industry. Gold Standard features materials that continually adapt to new learning styles and technologies, utilizing MP3s, smartphone apps, web tools, books and videos that are accessible through a variety of formats.

6. CBT Practice Tests

The 8 Gold Standard MCAT Practice Tests are Computer Based Tests that are instantly corrected after submittal. Every attempt is stored in your History section which is available to review answers and explanations at any time. This makes the Practice Test Only package well worth the price.

Ideal User

The ideal user for the Gold Standard MCAT Prep tool package is someone who is highly self-motivated as this is one of the few upper tier prep tool packages that does not offer live instructor courses. The complete package has a wide array of tools that are accessible through a variety of means. The tech-savvy user will enjoy the breadth of options and appreciate the ability to take several of these on the go through the use of apps for smartphones. And while the complete package has so much to offer, Gold Standard breaks down it’s prep tool into smaller packages for those that don’t need everything.


The Gold Standard MCAT Prep tool has been around for over 20 years, setting the standard for preparation and innovative tools. The material is always the newest and most up-to-date for the current MCAT Exam, created by professionals with university teaching experience who’ve also crushed the MCAT Exam. You can fine tune your experience by purchasing packages a-la-carte while complete package really has everything you need at a price that won’t break the bank.


Summary of Course Features

  • MCAT CARS Program
  • Video Instructors with University Teaching Experience
  • 8 Full-Length Practice Exams
  • Official AAMC Sample Test
  • Over 7,000 Practice Questions
  • MCAT Score Guarantee
  • Student Forum
  • Examkrackers EK-Tests 1 and 2
  • DVDs, CDs, Textbooks and Schedule Planner


Practice Tests Package

Price: $20 each/month


  • Full-length MCAT Practice Test
  • Unlimited Single-User Submissions
  • Cancel at Any Time
  • AAMC Format


Price: $160


  • 5 Full-length MCAT CARS Tests with Explanations
  • Warm Up Exercises and Test-taking Strategies
  • Unlimited Single-User Submissions
  • 3 Month Access Period

MCAT Crash Course

Price: $49.95/month


  • MCAT CARS Program
  • 30+ Hours of Online Videos
  • 2 Full-length MCAT Practice Tests
  • 3000 Practice Questions
  • Unlimited Single-User Submissions
  • MCAT Prep Forum
  • Cancel or Upgrade Any Time

MCAT University Course

Price: $79.95/month

Includes: MCAT Crash Course Plus:

  • Additional 2 Full-length MCAT Practice Tests
  • Additional 5 MCAT CARS Practice Tests
  • A Total of More Than 3500+ Practice Questions

Complete Home Study MCAT Course

Price: $599


  • New AAMC Official Guide
  • Examkrackers MCAT Reasoning Skills: Verbal, Research, & Math
  • New MCAT BIO Textbook
  • MP3 CD with 4 Hours Science Summary Brief
  • Medical School Interview DVD
  • MCAT Subject Ebooks
  • Unlimited Viewing of 30+ Hour Science Review Video Library
  • 5 Full-length MCAT Practice Tests
  • MCAT CARS Program
  • Over 4000 Practice Questions

Complete MCAT Course: Platinum Package

Price: $1600

Includes: Complete Home Study MCAT Course Plus:

  • Official AAMC Sample Test and Practice Exam
  • Over 7000 Practice Questions
  • MCAT Score Guarantee
  • Study Schedule


Gold Standard MCAT Prep Breakdown

The Gold Standard MCAT Prep Review Strengths
1. Competitive Price
2. Variety of Packages
3. Best Collection of MCAT Practice Questions
4. Online Forum
5. Innovative Technology
6. CBT Practice Tests

About the Author:

Colin D. has taken almost every academic test that’s available. Struggling to decide on a career after college, he took a number of placement exams before deciding to become a writer. This experience with test-taking has led him to share his expertise with others to guide them in the right direction.