Price: $129.99
66 new from $129.990 used
  • Sleek, modern and homelike design with a comfortable seat height, increased bowl size and integrated toilet paper holder
  • Hidden battery-powered flush controls
  • Holding tank level indicator for fresh water and waste tanks
  • Improved water tank carrying handle
  • Optional hold down kit
Design: The Thetford 92360 has a beautiful and slick design that enhances the overall beauty of your bathroom.
Charging Capacity: This toilet has an interesting feature, which is that it has a charging capacity if you experience a power loss.
Indicators: This toilet has a useful holding tank level indicator for fresh water and waste tanks, giving you an added feature that’s often convenient.
Durability: This toilet is built to last and is able to face a lot of different weather conditions when placed outside.
Smell: While the overall design and durability is impressive some reviewers have complained about the toilet not being odorless and needing to be cleaned daily.


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