Price: $399.95 - $649.95
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  • Swivel front wheel with tracking adjustment, rear suspension, parking brake
  • Ergonomic, adjustable, extended handlebar, One Hand Fold
  • 5-point child safety harness, multi-position canopy, reclining seat
  • 75 lbs. weight capacity, weighs 23 lbs.
  • Comes with Thule's Bring It limited lifetime warranty
Safety Tether: Because this seat is so light, a safety tether is definitely required to make sure your child doesn’t fly downhill.
Wheels: A 12.5” swivel/locking front wheel allows a little more maneuverability than some other jogging strollers, while the traditional 16” rear wheels are great for gliding over bumps.
Canopy: Not only is the canopy large, but also it is adjustable to hide your baby from the sun at all angles, which is about as important as any safety feature.
Size: Narrow seats don’t allow average sized children to sit comfortably, especially for a longer period of time. At only 23 pounds, this is the lightest jogging stroller on the market today, which unfortunately also means the lack of weight makes the stroller tip easily and is terrible for running.
Seat: With little to no seat cushion or head padding, a child’s head can uncomfortably hit the sides, bouncing much more than they should.


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Melinda F. has been passionate about children and education since her college days. While nannying to pay off her loans, she realized that caring for kids would one day be her life’s work. As a mom and teacher, she blogs about her experiences during her few hours of free time.